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Zane on What Do You Do?

Marlene Gibb, the host of popular talk show What Do You Do?, interviews Leonard Zane on his career endeavors.

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As CEO of Leonard Zane Productions, Mr. Zane originates, co-develops, and manages the delivery of creative media material.  His services include authoring original works, adapting written works for film, television and radio, producing and directing, program hosting, and editing supervision of diverse media projects.
With a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, a Master’s in Business Administration, plus USAF military service, Leonard Zane excelled in technical marketing at Westinghouse Electric for seven years in California.  He then became a business manager and management consultant for architectural, engineering, and construction development organizations.  While his business career progressed, he also studied screenwriting and producing at Sherwood Oaks College in Hollywood.  His mentors there included Ernest Lehman, Edward Anhalt, Colin Higgins, Peter Guber, and Syd Field.  Following this creative and media training, Mr. Zane went on to author screenplays that have been produced and fiction and non-fiction books that have been published.

Leonard Zane has decades of both management and media industry accomplishments:

-  Director of Marketing, Finance, and Contracts Management for service organizations.

-  Design and contracts administrator for broad ranges of construction projects.

-  Independent management consultant for service industries.

-  Financial consultant and grants manager for the California Institute of Technology.

-  Published author of fiction and non-fiction books.

-  Screenwriter with portrayals in Star Trek® feature films and television.

-  Co-screenwriter, co-producer, co-director of Calling Tokyo documentary film on PBS.

-  Screenwriter and producer of The Inn Outside the World Sci-Fi TV film.

-  Producer and host of three television series in economics, science, and public policy.

-  Audio broadcast producer, writer, and director.

Management Consultant, Producer, Writer, Director, TV Host